Linking couriers and customers worldwide
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Power Features
Shipment Tracking
Link Stations Worldwide
Tariff Quotation for Customers
Full Manifesting including Linehaul
Event Checkpoints
Delivery Management
Collection Management
Hub Operation
Web Access for customers
Web Access for stations
Airwaybill Imaging
Customer Billing
Accounts Receivable
General Ledger
a lot more...
Product Info
System Concepts and Overview

CourierWorld: Courier Community Management System
Imagine how your business could benefit from the technologies used by the biggest courier companies in the world; worldwide stations linked electronically to achieve a coherent operational and customer service standard. What kind of impact would it make to your business in terms of quality of service to your customers, operational problem management, new business opportunities and the bottom line? Just because you do not have a multi-million dollar budget for I.T. doesn't mean you have to be disadvantaged technologically. You can combine the strength and versatility of service level with the state of the art technology of CourierWorld to expand your business.
  • Manifesting for stations
  • Manifesting for hub
  • Problem shipment exceptions
  • Auto email alerts of problem shipments
  • Shipment Check points
  • Auto Routing
  • Delivery Management
  • Collection/Order Management
  • Routine/Recurring Collection Schedule
  • P.O.D.
  • Full shipment tracks
  • Customer Consignment Note Usage Management
  • Customer Tariff Rates and Quotations
  • Rates Calculator
  • Automatic Customer Invoicing
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • General Ledger
  • Website Management
  • Web Operational Modules
  • Web Customer Modules
  • Web-based Shipment Track & Trace
  • Internet Emails
  • Worldwide Station Data Routing

What we provide you

  1. The complete Windows based courier management software installed at your offices, with no user limits.
  2. A website where you can publish your company information, rates and services, etc.
  3. A facility for your customers to track their shipments on the web.
  4. A backup web operation module in case your computers are down for whatever reasons.
  5. A web module for your customers to manage their shipments via the Internet, e.g. printing of waybills, P.O.D. Listing, pickup requests, etc.
  6. An electronic data routing infra-structure via the Internet.
  7. Free telephone and email technical support.
  8. Minimal on-site service charge.
  9. A low cost pay per use licensing structure to make it easy for your cash flow.

    We level the playing field, you do the rest.


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