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Complete Courier Business and Community Management System

Management Decision Making
CourierWorld is the right tool for your business for many reasons. It provides the ability for you to manage the business properly. Various functions and modules are designed in a user- friendly manner to provide relevant information to you for timely decision-making. In a nutshell, it lets you control the business and not the other way around.

Problem control
In the courier industry, the services provided to the customer are intense and time critical. Therefore it is essential to have the right tool to notify personnel in order for operational or service problems to be contained and minimized. CourierWorld has an extensive alert mechanism to handle operational exceptions, be it a simple case of unmanifested shipment or the more serious case of missing shipment. This alert mechanism can help to prevent small problems from escalating so that corrective actions can be taken as soon as possible.

Work smarter
CourierWorld helps to organize and streamline your work environment. Many procedures are performed much quicker, thus creating a more productive staff. For e.g. no more manual searching of a P.O.D. or checking if an order has been picked up. This system will improve the internal communications between various departments to create an optimal working environment. Staff will work easier and happier, and further increasing productivity.

Reduce unnecessary overheads
Reduce unnecessary overheads:With the CourierWorld system, you will experience a reduction of manual overheads such as faxing, telephone call and even overtime work. For example, the billing process is an integral part of the system. CourierWorld enables customer invoices to be generated automatically from data already in the system from the manifesting process. This eliminates the need for duplication of work i.e. data-entry for invoicing purposes. The system will calculate the correct pricing for each job based on each customer's quotation.

With CourierWorld, you are equipped with a state of the art courier business management system that would level the playing field between your company and competitors who have a multi-million-dollar budget for I.T. You would no longer be disadvantaged by your competitors' size because you can provide the same level of service backed up with the I.T. infrastructure of CourierWorld.

Customer peace of mind
Customers will no longer find it difficult to get information about their shipments as CourierWorld provides full shipment tracking via the Internet or sent to customers' email. This greatly reduces the constraints of your customer service department to handle large amount of enquiries. Hence you would have extra capacity to handle more business while your customers are happier at the same time.

Grow your business
CourierWorld helps to reduce your operating cost and position your company competitively in the market place. The most important thing is that it would give you an I.T. infrastructure to grow your business. When you open more branches, you can link them up easily with CourierWorld, no matter where they may be located in the world, as long as Internet connectivity is available. This kind of I.T. network infrastructure would put you on par with the most I.T. savvy courier company in the world.

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